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'Dangerous' Air, Heat Headed to North Side Tuesday

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With mold levels at an all-season high and temperatures in the 90s, officials are reminding residents to keep cool.

Stay indoors, Chicago.

After a summer of 70-degree temperatures, heat and humidity have reached the city late in the season. Tuesday will be the hottest day this week, with temperatures in the mid-90s.

The change in climate caused the National Weather Service to issue a special weather statement saying heat indices could exceed 100 degrees Tuesday.

Warm temperatures aren't the only reason to stay inside—those with allergies could have trouble breathing.

The Loyola-Gottleib Memorial Hospital issued a "dangerous air alert" for the first time this season.

Mold counts Monday reached 53,000, significantly higher than the 50,000 requirement for a dangerous air warning.

“The 90 degree heat, the humidity, and the noxious levels of mold combined with the high levels of weed and ragweed pollen spell health hazards for many in the Midwest,” Dr. Joseph Leija said in an alert.

The allergist performs the Gottlieb Allergy Count, which is the only consistent allergy count for the Midwest.

Heat and mold will continue into the week, according to the National Weather Service.

Wednesday and Thursday will see temperatures in the mid-80s, with a slight chance of showers on Friday and Saturday. Temperatures are predicted for the mid-80s.


By Sara Flagg
August 26, 2013